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Spring Replacement

The garage door spring is crucial to the overall functionality and operation of the garage door.

Garage door springs are responsible for holding the door’s entire weight and stabilizing it as it opens and closes. With frequent use in this labor-intensive role, garage door spring repairs are one of the most common repairs needed!

Is your garage door struggling to open or making unusual noises? It might be time for a professional garage door spring replacement. At Lion Garage Door, we specialize in efficient and reliable garage door spring replacement services to ensure your garage door operates smoothly and safely.

We guarantee optimal value for your spending.

Our Garage Door Spring Services Include:

Spring Replacement

Spring Replacement

We specialize in the replacement of both torsion and extension garage door springs, addressing issues such as wear and tear, rust, or breakage.

Balancing and Calibration

Balancing and Calibration

Proper balancing and calibration of garage door springs are crucial for smooth operation. Our technicians ensure your springs are adjusted accurately for optimal performance.

Spring Repair

Spring Repair

If your springs are salvageable, we also offer expert spring repair services to restore their functionality and extend their lifespan.

Our Garage Door Spring Replacement Approach

Reach out to us to schedule your garage door spring replacement service.

Take advantage of our free consultation to discuss your garage door spring issues and receive a transparent quote.

Once you approve the quote, our technicians will promptly replace your garage door springs, ensuring a seamless and reliable operation.

Enjoy the convenience of a smoothly operating garage door, backed by our reliable garage door spring replacement services.

Signs of Garage Door Spring Failure

Visible Wear and Tear:

Inspect the springs for visible signs of wear, such as rust, fraying, or gaps in the coils. These are indications that the springs may be reaching the end of their lifespan.

Loud or Unusual Noises:

Unusual creaking, grinding, or popping sounds during garage door operation can be a sign of spring issues. These noises may indicate that the springs are strained or about to fail.

Visible Gaps in the Springs:

Check for any visible gaps or spaces in the springs. If the coils are separated or there’s a noticeable gap, it’s a clear sign of spring damage and a potential impending failure.

Sudden Failure:

In some cases, garage door springs can fail suddenly without warning. If your garage door suddenly stops working or becomes stuck in an open or closed position, it may be due to a broken spring.

Daily usage gradually wears down the springs. The average lifespan of springs is between 7 and 10 years. In other words, you cannot expect them to last beyond 10,000 cycles.

Garage Door Spring Repair Near Me

If you’re searching for garage door spring repair near me, look no further. Lion Garage Door is your local, trusted partner for expert garage door spring repair services. Don’t let a faulty spring disrupt your routine – contact us today to schedule your garage door repair service and experience the difference!

What happens if something goes wrong during the replacement process?

When you rely on Lion Garage Door for garage door spring replacement in Los Angeles, forget about any mishap. Our experts know how to get the job done safely and efficiently. Further, our insurance package covers property damage and on-site injuries.

Can I perform garage door spring replacement myself?

Do you have proper training and equipment? Then, you can perform this task. Otherwise, call a professional to get the job done. Remember that even minor negligence can lead to life-threatening injuries or critical damage to your property.

Do you offer garage door spring maintenance services?

In addition to spring repair and replacement services, we offer maintenance solutions to help you keep the springs in excellent condition. Our annual maintenance packages will optimize the longevity of the springs and door and help you save money in the long run.


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